Vacuum Therapy: What Is It, Symptoms, And Treatment

Vacuum Therapy What Is It, Symptoms, And Treatment | The Better Body Shop MedSpa In Houston, TX

When it is about refining the shape of their bodies, more and more people are looking into non-invasive options. These options are not the same as invasive surgeries in that they pose a lower risk of complications and side effects and do not require significant recuperation time. Vacuum therapy is one example of this type of body contouring option.

Vacuum Therapy Applications And Symptoms It Can Treat

In contrast to the conventional Brazilian butt lift, Vacuum therapy aims to help tone and tighten your rear without requiring incisions or the transfer of fat from other areas of the body.

However, vacuum therapy does not offer as many substantial effects in buttock sculpting as other treatments do, even if no downtime is involved and no scarring.

So in this blog, we will help you learn more about vacuum therapy so that you can be more informed about your treatment options with a board-certified provider if you are considering whether or not this treatment is right for you. But first, what exactly is vacuum therapy?

What Is Vacuum Therapy?

Your skin can be lifted using a non-invasive massaging technique called vacuum therapy. This therapy is performed using a mechanical device equipped with suction cups.

Vacuum therapy was initially introduced to the market in the 1970s to assist in treating burn scars; however, it has since developed into a method for a non-surgical butt lift. Other studies have scrutinized the use of the therapy to heal skin ulcers, another potential application of the treatment.

There are several names for vacuum therapy, including vacuotherapy and depressomassage. In addition to purportedly offering effects comparable to those of a surgical butt lift, the procedure is likewise occasionally utilized to imitate the results of a conventional breast lift.

Who’s A Good Candidate?

Almost everyone can undergo vacuum therapy. Nevertheless, your healthcare provider will still need to conduct some health examinations and review your medical history to guarantee that there will be no potential adverse effects.

Does It Work?

At its foundation, vacuum therapy involves applying strong massaging effects. The procedure might be effective for buttock toning and offers you the following benefits:

  • reducing the tension in the muscles
  • activating the middle layers of the skin for increased effects of skin tightening and toning
  • a reduction in the visible signs of cellulite
  • it also exfoliates the skin, resulting in the skin appearing both smoother and more toned
  • enhancing the flow of the lymphatic system to ease the body of toxins and improve water retention

When performed for multiple sessions weekly, you may notice that your skin is more toned and tighter due to the therapy, giving you the impression that the buttocks have been lifted.

After eight treatments, the majority of patients report feeling satisfied. Nevertheless, we will still confer a treatment regimen during your consultation that is tailored to meet your particular treatment requirements. After the initial treatment, we advise following up with two maintenance treatments every month.

Results Aren’t Permanent

The condition of your skin is likely to revert to its previous state as soon as you discontinue receiving treatments via vacuum therapy. For more long-lasting results, we advise following a healthy diet and staying active. The method does not require downtime, is significantly less expensive than surgical options, and is safe and practical.

If you desire results that will last longer, you might want to discuss the possibility of surgery with your provider instead. They can help determine whether or not you are a candidate for more invasive procedures.

What Happens During The Treatment

The gluteal muscles can be toned through the use of suction cups that are placed simultaneously on the buttocks. The cups on the machine are secured for thirty to forty minutes, and the pressure is maintained at a medium or low level depending on the patient’s level of comfort and the discernment of the provider. The color of the buttocks will also play a role in this regard.

These cups are made of transparent components, enabling the provider to see the effect of the suction, monitor the treatment, and ensure that the treatment is of sufficient quality. The procedure is entirely painless, and there should be no adverse effects at all on the patient’s skin.

You Can Go Back To Your Routine As Soon As It’s Done

Since the Vacuum Therapy Brazilian procedure does not involve any surgery, you can resume your regular activities straight away. At the site of treatment, some patients develop symptoms such as redness, minor bruising, tingling, numbness, and discomfort. 

These symptoms, which have been reported, are said to be temporary and will go away on their own. After the session’s conclusion, it’s common for patients to return to their jobs as soon as they are out of the clinic.


Even though you won’t have any problems returning to your regular activities, you’ll still need to follow these aftercare instructions.

Drinking a lot of water before, during, and after the vacuum therapy session will assist in flushing out the toxins, which will then be eliminated through urine. You should also avoid foods high in sugar and fat, as well as foods that contain an excessive amount of flour and salt, as these things can slow down the elimination process. 

This process occurs as a result of vacuum therapy’s ability to improve your lymphatic flow, which in turn assists in removing these toxins.

Finding The Right Provider 

Every cosmetic procedure should be carried out by a medical professional with appropriate board certification, including treatments that aren’t invasive at all, such as vacuum therapy.

When researching potential providers, it is essential to remember to inquire about their level of education, training, and experience with the procedure in question.

Inquire about these things during the consultation that will take place before your procedure. Additionally, you must insist that the service provider shows you a portfolio of their previous work. Please keep away from any facility that advertises vacuum therapy at a meager price without displaying any credentials to back up their claims.


Vacuum therapy can help tone and tighten your rear without requiring any surgical option, making it effortless on your part. So if you are interested in the treatment, contact and reach out to our clinic, The Better Body Shop. We also offer other services to help shape your body without resorting to surgical options. 

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